Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pharmacist view on Ardyss International

I had the pleasure of being on a conference call hosted by Dr. Lee Laney a GI doctor and Ardyss distributor tonight .  The call featured the following Pharmacist Dr. Lakeidra Capers, Dr Ayo Kedar and Dr Lisa Beckwith. Each gave some very useful information and opinions on why the nutritional products of Ardyss work so well. The concept of using plants & herbs to help the body in regaining balance. Some of the products that were spoke of were; green 29, ardyss plus, levive, cranaloe, triple lifeline and digestive support. Some key points that were given were the fact that a lot of the medications that we use today originally a plant or herb based medicine. It is the addition of synthetic products that have changed them to what they are today. Another key point was that water is a key element to weight loss. Thirst and hunger both are regulated by the hypothalamus and sometimes when you think you are hungry you actually need water because you in fact may be dehydrated. A rule of thumb that was given for people that may be on medication and taking natural supplements is wait 90 min. between dose meaning wait 90min before taking a natural supplement after taking your medicine and visversa. In my opinion we are beginning to take control of our health and result back to the days of our great grandparents. They always had a cure for everything and it normally consisted of herbs and plants.

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