Saturday, May 22, 2010

Having more fun learning now than when I was in school

Growing up there were times when I just did not like school.This was  because if the subject did not peak my attention I got board easily. By the time I got to Jr. high I realized that it wasn't so much the subject as it was the teachers style of teaching. My english teacher was who helped me to realized this because she had a way of making even the dryest points of learning fun. As an adult expanding my knowledge of various subject I've found the same to be true with reguard to learning from people who are experts in their prospective fields. I've learned that for me I gain more from a person who I can relate to who shoots straight from the hip vs someone who seems to talk in circles.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things I'm learning on my journey

I took some time this morning to review some training material that I had purchased while at conference this past weekend. I just wanted to share a couple of key things that made me say aha and wow. Let me first say the book "Breaking the Spirit of Average" is a must read or listen to as it is available on CD. it's by Joseph B. Washington. Mr. Washington makes it very clear that your attitude is the key determining factor in whether or not you are successful, unsuccessful, average or better than average. He then goes into breaking it down and demonstrating how this is. All I could do was to say wow and make a conscience decision that I would work on ensuring I have  a  positive attitude at all times. Another thing that had me on the edge of my seat was a statement by a very no nonsense leader in network marketing was that if you desire to be successful then there is absolutely NO room for excuses, and to stop whining about the small things. Lastly the quote that just blew me out the water and made me take a look at things that are happening in my life currently was the statement that " God will set you up to set you up". Now I know for some of you you are like huh but when you take a moment and look at things that have happened and positions you have been placed in only to be able to be opened to opportunities you will truly understand the magnitude of that statement.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pharmacist view on Ardyss International

I had the pleasure of being on a conference call hosted by Dr. Lee Laney a GI doctor and Ardyss distributor tonight .  The call featured the following Pharmacist Dr. Lakeidra Capers, Dr Ayo Kedar and Dr Lisa Beckwith. Each gave some very useful information and opinions on why the nutritional products of Ardyss work so well. The concept of using plants & herbs to help the body in regaining balance. Some of the products that were spoke of were; green 29, ardyss plus, levive, cranaloe, triple lifeline and digestive support. Some key points that were given were the fact that a lot of the medications that we use today originally a plant or herb based medicine. It is the addition of synthetic products that have changed them to what they are today. Another key point was that water is a key element to weight loss. Thirst and hunger both are regulated by the hypothalamus and sometimes when you think you are hungry you actually need water because you in fact may be dehydrated. A rule of thumb that was given for people that may be on medication and taking natural supplements is wait 90 min. between dose meaning wait 90min before taking a natural supplement after taking your medicine and visversa. In my opinion we are beginning to take control of our health and result back to the days of our great grandparents. They always had a cure for everything and it normally consisted of herbs and plants.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Connecting with other network marketers

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending an expo in Md. It was an opportunity for me to be able to promote my business on a large scale. For me this was a first, up until now I had been doing a lot of one on one marketing. Being new to network marketing it was an invaluable experience, as I was able to mingle with other network marketers in various companies.  Events like this teach you that no matter what company you may be associated with network marketers are pretty much the same we just have different strategies for promoting. This is a good thing because you can take a little from everyone and tweak it to work for you. The saying "don't reinvent the wheel" is one of the most important phrases all network marketers should take heed to. All you have to do is take what methods have been proven over and over and just tweak it to fit your style and business.

I truly enjoyed meeting the young ladies that represented Tracy Lee jewelry, Miche handbags and Slumber Parties (parties for the grown folks). 

Friday, April 23, 2010

We want to see a difference right now

At the begining of every year one of the most common resolution for the new year is to loss weight.  Gym memberships increase, sale on workout equipment increase and people start on diets. Everything is going good for the first couple of weeks but by month number two the tide starts to change, because we aren't seeing results fast enough. By mid March everything is back as it was gyms are empty equipment we bought is now gathering dust or acting as a support for something else and dvd's are in the back of the cabinet.

But thanks to a revolutionary new system all that can change. It's a two part system that consists of a reshaping garments and a powerful all natural juice.  The garment is designed to slim you down in 10 minutes. It was designed by an orthopedic surgeon and a medical engineer. It's a modern day version of garments wore centuries ago that help women have an maintain an hour glass figure, but its a lot more comfortable than the garments of before. The juice is comprised of the 5 most potent super berries in the world (Noni, mangostana, pomegranate, goji and acai berry). This juice has been said to assist the body with weight loss, regulation of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and assortment of other things.  When the body is provided with the proper nutrients it has a way of correcting and re regulating itself.

The combination of the garment gives you the instant results you want to see and over time these results become permanent. The juice aids in getting your body back on track to function properly. So for those of you who had given up on your resolution to loss weight and get healthier lets restart. For more information visit or email me at Next topic what can you use for joint issues.