Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things I'm learning on my journey

I took some time this morning to review some training material that I had purchased while at conference this past weekend. I just wanted to share a couple of key things that made me say aha and wow. Let me first say the book "Breaking the Spirit of Average" is a must read or listen to as it is available on CD. it's by Joseph B. Washington. Mr. Washington makes it very clear that your attitude is the key determining factor in whether or not you are successful, unsuccessful, average or better than average. He then goes into breaking it down and demonstrating how this is. All I could do was to say wow and make a conscience decision that I would work on ensuring I have  a  positive attitude at all times. Another thing that had me on the edge of my seat was a statement by a very no nonsense leader in network marketing was that if you desire to be successful then there is absolutely NO room for excuses, and to stop whining about the small things. Lastly the quote that just blew me out the water and made me take a look at things that are happening in my life currently was the statement that " God will set you up to set you up". Now I know for some of you you are like huh but when you take a moment and look at things that have happened and positions you have been placed in only to be able to be opened to opportunities you will truly understand the magnitude of that statement.

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